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Best Travel Accessories of 2017



Gone are the days when the lack of comfort stopped people from having the adventures of their lives.

Just as the means of travels have evolved, with the evolution of science and technology, so have the accessories of travel. Here are some of the accessories that you’ll need on your travels to have the best time of your life:

Travel Towels

Towels play an important in our everyday lives, let alone on our travels and adventures. Regardless of whether you’re going on camping, hiking or a vacation at the beach—you’ll always need a towel to be at your disposal. Travel towels, however, need to be of much better quality as compared to the usual ones. Why? Well, for instance, the need for the towels to dry out quickly so that they may be used again is much more urgent than when you’re chilling at your home, right? Unlike the typical bath towels, travel towels from the best companies are made of such high quality material that they can be used for MUCH more than wiping moisture off of your body!

Compact Pillow

Regardless of whether you’re traveling for corporate reasons or for the mere hell of it—the fact of the matter is that you’ll NEED to sleep on your adventure. Or were you planning to stay awake throughout your journey? When you’re traveling, it’s of utmost importance to get a good night’s sleep so that you may be able to make the most of your journey once you wake up. And what do you need for a good night’s sleep? A compact pillow, of course! Or if you don’t mind wearing your pillow around your neck, a regular will fit the bill as well. However, considering that you won’t have the luxury of your beloved bed on your travels, it’s highly recommended that you invest into a compact pillow with memory foam so that you may be able to sleep on the go!

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

Talking about sleeping on the go, you cannot “just” hope to fall sleep with a pillow at your disposal, right? The fact of the matter is that you need an eye mask to block out the light and ear plugs to drown out the background noises. Regardless of whether you’re on a plane or a bus, eye mask and ear plugs will go a long towards ensuring that you’re able to get the kind of sleep that you need!

Leak Proof Travel Bottles

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to compromise on your beauty and grooming. Before going on any adventure, it’s advisable for you to purchase a few leak proof travel bottles and fill them with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, face wash and all other such products that you use for personal grooming. Doing this will, certainly, make you feel at home when on the road!


Now what would traveling be without a little musical relaxation, huh? Regardless of whether you’re on the road or enjoying the sunset of your life, a little spark of music jolt the moment to life. In all seriousness, there will be times on your travels when you’ll wish for everything to phase out. Headphones will be priceless under such situations. From pondering on existentialism to wanting some you time, headphones are suitable for, almost, all times!

Toiletry Bag

Regardless of whether you’re traveling heavy or light, your luggage is bound to comprise of quite a few toiletries. It’s advisable, therefore, for you to keep all of your toiletries organized in a special toiletry bag so that you face no trouble, whatsoever, during your travels.

Compression Socks

No matter how wonderful an adventure might be, fatigue is bound to kick in sooner or later. With compression socks, however, you’ll be able to go on for longer considering that you’ll feel less tired after extensive sitting or standing. Apart from improving blood circulation and preventing blood clots, compression socks keep your feet warm as well. What more could you possibly want from a pair of socks?

Anti-Theft Bag

In this age of science and technology, where thrives have developed digital methods of stealing, it’s imperative for you to keep all of your belongings—credit cards and passports especially—in a specialized anti-theft bag that has an RFID- blocking pocket. You can never be too careful!

Traveling is fun, no doubt, but it becomes even more fun if you’ve got the right accessories at your disposal. Remember to take this list of accessories on your next adventure and you’re bound to have the time of your life!

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