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WATCH: Honest Outlaw Reviews Taurus’ GX4 Pistol



Looking for an everyday carry pistol you’ll take with you every day?

Let’s face it: Carrying open is relatively easy, but carrying concealed can be something of a trick, especially if you’re recreating during the summertime. Lighter fabrics and smaller garments can accidentally expose your everyday carry (EDC) rig with just the wrong summer breeze. That’s why many outdoorspeople–yours truly included–often simply use the same EDC pistol in the backwoods that we carry when we’re in populated areas. It’s just easier to remember to take with us every time … and after all, the microcompact 9mm you have on you is far better than the full-size .45 you left at home. So when Taurus released its GX4 pistol earlier this year, a double-stack microcompact carry pistol that has been stripped down to its bare bones, it generated a lot of interest!

In this video, famed YouTuber Honest Outlaw puts his own personal Taurus GX4 through its first 100 bullets. This is only his initial test, but it will give you an idea of how the gun shoots and what its break-in period will look like. Spoiler alert: It shoots great, and its break-in is remarkably swift. The GX4 is a very budget-friendly personal-defense tool at just $349; you can find a dealer and more info at

Or, you can win one as part of two unique, complete EDC rigs with our …

This giveaway centers two guns: Taurus’ GX4, perfected for everyday urban carry; and the Magnum Research BFR chambered in .500 JRH for when you’re out in the backcountry. Of course, we’re supplying 2,000 rounds of 9mm ammunition from 2A Warehouse, holsters and a gift certificate from CrossBreed, a Legion Targets Target Stand bundle, a Laserman laser training system, Ed Brown magazines, a blade from WeKnife Company, a Sentry EDC bundle, ear protection from AXIL, and a SIG SAUER reflex sight courtesy of the XDMAN.

A complete listing of the prize package on offer is below. Don’t worry; we’ll give you the entry link again!

1. Taurus GX4, 9mm Luger, 11rds Micro compact Valued at $392.00

2. Magnum Research BFR, .500 JRH Revolver, Stainless Steel Valued at $1,302.00

3. 2A Warehouse 9mm 115gr FMJ 2,000RDS and 4 Ammo cans Valued at $1,180.00

4. Crossbreed Holsters Tuckable IWB Mag Carrier Valued at 47.95

5. Crossbreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster Valued at 75.95



6. Crossbreed Holsters Gift Certificate (only valid on Valued at $200.00
7. Legion Targets Target Stand Bundle (Two Stands and 100 paper targets) Valued at $198.00

8. Axil GS Extreme Ear Buds Valued $199.99


9. Strikeman Laser Firearm System Valued at $199.00

10. XDMAN offering a Sig Sauer Romeozero 1x24mm micro reflex sight Valued at $259.99

11. Ed Brown (10) 1911 Magazine 9mm Valued at $249.50

12. WE knife Co. Thug Frame Lock Knife Valued at $303.00

13. Magnum Research BFR Chest Holster Webbing Valued at $159.00

14. Sentry EDC Bundle Valued at $740.00

Entering the Extraordinary Everyday Carry $5.5K Guns & Gear Giveaway is simple and free! Just click here to enter.

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