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Campfire Cooking

Eat to Survive – Eat Deliciously Cooked Meat with Primitive Tools



When you are camping in the woods, you want to leave modern ways of cooking food behind you.

You’re in the wilderness; act like it! When you’re camping, you’re hunting for game and then cooking it on the open fire. The meat you prepare and cook doesn’t have to be flavorless. Look at your surroundings to find edible plants that you can use to add flavor to the meat when cooking it.

If you’re cooking fish, meat, or whatever the catch of the day is, you need to use the following primitive tools to prepare a delicious and mouth-watering meal:


To make a grill in the woods, you need to start a fire and add coals to it to control the open flames required for cooking meat. Once the coal becomes red and hot, place the chain-link fence, using it as a grill. Put your meat on the grill to cook it. In no time, you will prepare and eat deliciously cooked meat with primitive tools.


This an old, but still golden method to cook meat when you go camping. Back then, it was a popular method used to roast pigs. However, you can use this method to cook just about any game. Once you hunt, kill, skin, and clean the animal such as deer, you can use a wet branch from a tree to pierce the meat from one end to the other.

Do not use a dry branch, as that will cause your meat to burn and fall into the fire. Prop the two ends of the branch on forked support to keep the meat in the air over the fire. Keep rotating the wet branch to cook all sides of the meat.


To eat deliciously cooked meat with primitive tools, find flat and think rocks. Take the flat conductive sheet and place it flat on top of the open fire to heat it. Place the meat on the griddle to fry.

Stone Oven

Another fun way to cook the meat is to prepare it in a stone oven. You need to create a small chamber, filling it with stones. Make sure the chamber is large enough to fit the meat. Create a top and three walls, but leave one side uncovered. This will allow you to load and unload the meat easily. Place a stack of woods around the stone oven and start the fire. The heat from the fire will heat the stones and allow the chamber to warm up. You can control the temperature by removing and adding logs to the fire.

Ground Oven

Create a ground oven by digging a pit and starting a fire at the bottom of it. You need the fire to be raging so when you place the coals in the fire, they become hot instantly. There is no definite size of the pit you need to dig in the ground, as it varies according to the size of the game.

Once the fire is ready, place large stones on the fire to cover it. Next, place a layer of grass on top of the large stone. The grass will moisten the meat, making it soft and tender. Add another layer of grass on top of the first layer and add dirt on top of it to bury the food. You might need to cook the meat for one entire day or half a day depending on the size of the game and the heat generated.

To eat deliciously cooked meat with primitive tools, you can use the barrel stove method to prepare meat. You need a barrel that is cut rectangularly at the bottom. You will place the wood at the bottom of the barrel. Next, create several holes the size of nails halfway up on the barrel’s backside to create an air vent to allow air into it. Lastly, create a small section on top of the barrel to allow air and smoke to escape outside.

Dehydrate Food

You can dry the meat. There are several ways to dry the meat, but the most common way remains drying the meat under the sun. The sun will suck all the moisture out and preserve the food. You can also dry the food over a campfire or some other heat source. This method keeps the meat edible for several days.

If you want to eat deliciously cooked meat with primitive tools, you can use one or more of the methods mentioned here to cook and prepare your game.

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